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We are committed to the care and protection of all our clients' intellectual property rights. Our key motivator is respect for individual creative achievement and an understanding of its value. We invest extensive personal commitment in obtaining, enforcing and protecting property rights.

At GEITZ • TRUCKENMÜLLER • LUCHT, we fully appreciate intellectual property law as an important competitive instrument. For us, intellectual property rights are not just certified documents but rather market positions that have to be achieved, protected and, at the end of the day, enforced. Intellectual Property Management involves managing a Property Right Portfolio. This means being able to adapt to the market and a particular company strategy, as well as to what is economically justifiable.

Our comprehensive experience and state of the art office communication ensure highly efficient processes. This not only allows us to react with speed and efficiency, it also ensures that unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Our aim is the sustained success of our clients.

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